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Catalogs December 6, 2013

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Even though they take up lots of space, even though they arrive in droves and the postmistress has to leave a yellow card in my PO box to let me know that there is too much mail to possibly fit in such a small space, even though they mean the death of trees, even though they are the face of the aggressive capitalism that is the USA, even though it is almost politically incorrect to say it—I love catalogs.

And it’s not just because they keep a roof over my head and food in my mouth, which (being married to a catalog art director), they do.

And it’s kind of silly, because truth be told, I don’t buy all that much from catalogs, what with believing nothing will fit me anyway and being too lazy/cheap to deal with returns.

But I love them. I love to flip through their glossy pages. I love the not-staring-at-a-screenness of them.

I want to look like an Athleta model, or one from Title Nine. I want my life to be like that—all outdoorsy and fit. I want to pull off that perfectly presented casual look of the skinny Sundance women who can throw together a little something almost trustfundgrunge for merely hundreds of dollars per outfit.

Maybe someday I’ll order some stuff, play dress-up in my bedroom, send back everything that doesn’t work. Maybe.

But for now, I’m just looking, thank you.


1. Mali - December 6, 2013

I get this. There’s a kitchen shop catalogue that accompanies my food magazine every Christmas. I love browsing through it, imagining all the brilliant cooking I could do if only I had the next kitchen gadget, the copper pots, the perfect elegant or quirky (depending on my mood) dishes. Never ordered anything from Millie’s. Just love looking.

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