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Jesus Cookies December 13, 2013

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Last weekend, folks from the neighborhood Protestant church stopped by to deliver a plateful of cookies and invite us to their Christmas pageant and Christmas Eve service. They were very nice, did not try to save us, and said twice, “You have a lovely home.”

When a neighbor friend dropped by later, she saw the plate and called them Jesus cookies.

I always feel bad that these people try so hard and that I am not going to respond to their invitation. I can’t consider going, because once you show up, you won’t be left alone. Showing up will give them hope for something that is not going to happen, and it opens a door that will be knocked on again and again.

Or at least that’s my suspicion. And that suspicion is part of what keeps me from attending a Christmas Eve service or a children’s Christmas pageant. Which is kind of sad. Maybe.

It must be tough trying to run a church in the allegedly least-religious state in this country.

A few of the Jesus cookies were kind of good. Some were simply sugar bombs held together by some sort of delivery system: flour, butter, icing. Most of these are cookies I would never reach for in a world of choices, but now they are in my house, and I reach for them.

Uh oh. Is that a metaphor? Is their plan working? What’s in those cookies?



1. Lynda Corbett - December 13, 2013

Haha! I know EXACTLY who called them that & I love it.

I threw mine away. THERE’S a metaphor for you.

indigobunting - December 13, 2013

Heh heh. Clearly people with children have no time to existentially fret about things like this.

2. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - December 13, 2013

People who are good at befriending feral cats know to offer food and retreat, and NEVER to make the animal feel pursued. Maybe these churchly souls should adopt their tactics.

3. Helen - December 14, 2013

I now have an image in my head of a stateful of feral Vermonters being offered a giant bowl of Jesus cookies and cream on some Protestant’s doorstep.

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