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Fluffy Stuff February 19, 2014

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Mali’s musings on temperature differentials (Hot and cold) has reminded me how grateful I am that the temperatures have reached the warm 20s F, warm enough to snow, in a sense, and to dump some decent stuff for playing in (and alas, shoveling). This past long weekend found me shoveling the flat roofs on Friday:


heading up the mountain for some groomed (and ultimately exhausting) cross-country skiing on Saturday:


off for a brisk walk with a neighbor on Sunday (on which we saw a horned lark!):


and a snowshoe with friends and their dogs on Monday:




For me—for many of us—being able to play outside is essential for surviving the winter and steering clear the clutches of deep depression (we will all of us become depressed, but it is a matter of degree). Lately it seems that it will never be anything but winter. Recently, fleetingly, it was pretty.

Happy Valentine’s Day! February 14, 2014

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Stand February 3, 2014

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I write to you from a standing position. This is new.

I’ve always had neck problems. But lately, in my old age, over the last couple of years, I’ve had some back problems, namely some hypermobility, which means instability in my back and some spinal cracking not in the good way. In January I began to have a lot of hip pain, and then pain that referred down my leg (although not in a classic sciatica pattern). Even more recently, numbness and tingling has taken hold. So when my friend Joe posted a Lifehacker $22 solution for turning one’s desk into a standing desk with Ikea parts, I decided I should try it (with postage, $37).

Over the weekend Tim and I set it up. I am playing with keyboard height (via reams of paper).

I thought I would feel only excitement about it. This morning I feel rather intimidated by it.

Joe also bought a drafting chair for his setup so he can sit when he needs to. Because I spent about $750 on a decent chair three years ago, I’m not feeling very motivated to spend that kind of money again. I can easily move my laptop if I need to sit down. I’ll be working on making that arrangement a bit more friendly in my office.

But how long can I really stand during the course of the day? And will I be exchanging numb legs for numb feet?

I am a pacer, so maybe it won’t be so bad. In fact, I’ve been pacing throughout this post.

It looks kinda cool, though.