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Life on Mars? March 2, 2014

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Today is my birthday, and after spending yesterday shopping for a flat-screen TV (Welcome to the 21st century!, messaged a friend) and going out for a pricey dinner, I haven’t quite decided what to do today, but it should definitely involve next to no money. A birthday cartwheel should happen somewhere this week, if not today—I need a safe space (room, no ice) and a witness (just in case my mind makes a promise that my body can’t fill).

Earlier last week, Laura, mother of my BFF Gigi, mentioned that Gigi was totally into the song “Life on Mars?,” especially the line “Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow.” Laura showed her the video, and Gigi, viewing the Bowie visual for the first time, said something to the effect of “She’s pretty.” Laura explained that Bowie is a man, that sometimes men look like this, and that it was the seventies. “Oh,” Gigi said. “It was the seventies.”

Last night I received a video of Gigi singing “Life on Mars?” This may be one of my favorite presents ever. I have procured permission to share this with you, my few, but let’s just please keep it between us.

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid? (I’m rather fond of her parents, too, for the record.)



1. Deloney - March 2, 2014


2. Bridgett - March 2, 2014

Favorite Bowie song. And this is a lovely version.

3. Mali - March 2, 2014

Very cute. Fighting the need to sleep by singing Bowie!

4. Helen - March 3, 2014

Who would not love such a loveable, expressive child? I picture your younger self in the same way–and, who knows, maybe your older self too…To many more years of birthday cartwheels!

5. Dona - March 20, 2014

I love the hand motions!

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