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Zero to Sixty in 60 March 25, 2014

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Recent tasking is taking its physical/emotional toll, as is the weather, so why not write about something that doesn’t matter?: the 5-minute plank.

You may recall that I wasn’t sure that a 5-minute plank could be achieved in 30 days, at least not by someone who does cardio every day but has a relatively weak core.

I successfully managed 3 days of 90 seconds. I even made it through one round of 2 minutes, although I was bellowing during the last 30 seconds of that one. And on day 17, which would have been day 2 of the 2-minute plank, I failed.

Not just failed a little. My hypermobile back, cracking away, couldn’t take me past 65 seconds. Or my brain couldn’t. Anyway, I failed. No 2 minutes, even though I’d somehow managed the day before.

I’m disappointed. I’d wondered what I’d do when I failed. Would I change up the training time? How long do I think it would take for me to be able to do a 5-minute plank?

Perhaps more importantly: Do I need to? Do I want to?

What’s my goal anyway?

My chiropractor would argue that my goal is to strengthen my core.

And that I can do, I figure, by continuing at 1 minute a day.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Since day 18, I have been holding 1-minute planks. Just today, just now, it was a tiny bit easier than yesterday.

Maybe someday I’ll push all the way to 75 seconds.





1. Dona - March 30, 2014

I agree — stick with 1 minute. It has to help. I don’t think I could even do 5 seconds.

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