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Comfort and Stupor April 9, 2014

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There wasn’t anything wrong with my TV. I mean, it worked fine. We bought it in 1999, after we moved into this house. It was the first new TV we ever bought: a huge 27 inches, big and heavy, right before the introduction of the flat screen.

It served us well for 15 years. I had a VCR hooked up to it. I’d take those taped TV shows up to the workout room, push them into the little TV/VCR combo set I’d inherited from my sister, and not be a couch potato while I caught up with my addictions.

Some friends made fun of us, of course, and certainly no one would deign to watch TV at our place if there was any other choice.

Because there was nothing wrong with my TV and because I hate wasting things and couldn’t imagine trying to get rid of something still perfectly serviceable—and because I figured investing in a TV would tempt/cause me to watch more TV—I did not buy a TV.

Also, I get so tired of how complicated systems have become. (Yes, I’m a cranky old lady.)

I began to think about getting a flat-screen TV for my birthday this year. I began to think of it more when Fat Red Ant sold me her TiVo at the beginning of February. That month I did my homework: read Consumer Reports, queried friends with nice TVs who had opinions.

The day before my birthday, Tim and I went shopping. We purchased a 51-inch plasma and a smoky glass stand on which to perch it. We brought the stand home and assembled it. The TV would have to be delivered.

It was, the next Wednesday. We had to temporarily set it up in Martini Lounge. Comcast wouldn’t show up until the next week, and we still had our addictions.

The TV sat there, big and black and skinny, looking for all the world like some sort of technological god.

Meanwhile, after reading on Facebook my announcement that I had gotten a 51-inch TV for Lent, a neighbor contacted me to ask if I needed to get rid of my old TV.

Did I!?! I couldn’t believe my luck. No one can get rid of these TVs anymore. I had heartbreaking visions of taking it to the dump the next week. Of course he could have it—just as soon as I got my new TV set up and had learned how to use it.

The next Tuesday, Comcast arrived.

Another reason I hadn’t gotten a TV yet is because although people tell me how easy something is to set up, I don’t believe them. Something always goes wrong. Always.

Comcast was at my house for 4½ hours.

Granted, a lot of their time had to do with trying to get my phones to work. To get a more reasonable cable rate, I finally caved and bundled. They had trouble getting noise off my lines, and my wireless connection kept disappearing. The cable guy kept acting like this was somehow my fault. Eventually, near the end of the day, Comcast figured out that it was their fault—enough technicians had called in with the same problem. That day, though, completely sucked.

The TV/TiVo learning curve was a little frustrating, but not insurmountable. The remote that goes with the new (required) Blu-ray is still a bit of a pain in the ass.

The picture is beautiful.

Three days post-Comcast, my neighbor came and took my old TV away. He is happy to have it. I am happy to have him have it.

I have discovered the joys of on-demand watching and Netflix streaming.

We began by binge watching True Detective. I—lover of comedy, admirer of comedians—naturally followed this up with the first seasons of Maron and Inside Amy Schumer. Tim is watching Orange Is the New Black for the first time (I’m watching it for a second time to both see it on the big screen and prep for season 2). Game of Thrones started Sunday, and this weekend holds the season premieres of Mad Men and Orphan Black.

I am in so much trouble.



1. Mali - April 15, 2014

Uh Oh!

We can’t get Netflix here, which is a pity, but we do have on demand watching (for programmes already screened), and we’re experts at binge watching. Our latest was Scandal – we got Season 1 then Season 2 from the DVD rental store. (All in the last week. Unemployment is terrible for TV watching!) And then we discovered Season 3 is being shown on TV, so have watched that in bed on our ipads on the weekend. No, not big screen TV, but it just confirmed my fears – that if we ever get a TV in our bedroom, I’m in big trouble too.

And I’ll be looking for the other series you’ve mentioned. Game of Thrones of course – though it’s being shown here on a Pay Channel – one that we don’t get. Sigh.

The sooner one of us gets a job the better. For all sorts of reasons..

2. Helen - April 20, 2014

I have a feeling your posts may be few and far between from now on :).

3. indigobunting - April 20, 2014

Sigh. You guys. All last week I thought I would post (being away in Portland and all). And I’m traveling again this week. Argh! xxoo Mali, NO TV IN THE BEDROOM!!!! (I’d write more, but it’s almost time for Game of Thrones.)

4. Dona - April 30, 2014


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