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At Last August 13, 2014

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Yesterday I went to a shop for Certain Underthings, one that I’ve been avoiding because these Certain Underthings almost never fit me properly, but I’d met the proprietor at a wedding reception, and I needed a Certain Other Underthing anyway, and she assured me she could fit me, and I both wanted to be fit for obvious reasons and didn’t want to be because of what I’d no doubt end up spending, but I did go in, and she fit me properly, and as I was trying on Certain Underthings that actually fit, I overheard a conversation with another customer, a woman who had come in looking for a bra to wear under something for a wedding, but she didn’t want to spend more than $20, and this place didn’t have a bra for $20, and she asked about things on sale, not because she couldn’t afford what this place was charging for bras, she said, but because she was from Notsosnootytown about an hour away, and people there just didn’t spend that kind of money for this kind of thing, and then she began to ask about how much was actually being made in this business, and the proprietor noted that well, it was retail, so it could be assumed that said proprietor was paying about half the ticket price for any garment, but the woman said no, she meant that she wondered how much it actually cost to produce the garment, in Sri Lanka or wherever it was happening, because someone was making a lot of money, and the proprietor couldn’t really help her there, and when I walked out of the fitting room and saw the other customers in the store, I recognized one, a woman who used to show up at poetry readings I attended fifteen years ago, a nice woman who nonetheless gives off a bit of a crazy vibe, and I was pretty sure it was she who had had this conversation I’d overheard, but I don’t think she recognized me, and when she left the store I almost said something about her to the proprietor, but thought better of it, and then was glad of it because there were still other women in the store, and maybe it was one of them, and anyway, it didn’t matter, and when I left, now a bit in debt, with my bag of newly purchased Certain Underthings and a Certain Other Underthing, there was the Notsosnootytown woman from poetry readings sitting in a chair at the doorway just outside, and as I walked down the stairs, she called out to me, “I love your haircut! It’s very flattering!” and I thanked her but didn’t tell her I remembered her and was glad I’d kept my big mouth shut.


1. Mali - August 14, 2014

Aah, how I have missed you. I hope you are feeling very sexy in your new Certain Underthings and Certain Other Underthings.

I just finished reading The Goldfinch, and commented in my Goodreads review that Ms Tartt could learn a thing or two about one-sentence-paragraphs from a blogger I read. Her efforts were most disappointing compared to yours.

indigobunting - August 19, 2014

I don’t know whether to admit how much I liked The Goldfinch, given this. I will take this as a compliment! Trying to get back again soon. Maybe tomorrow?

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