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AnotherMondayforMali: No September 15, 2014

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

No, I can’t turn on the heat, it’s only mid-September, and no, I’m not ready to switch my closets from summer to winter, and no, I don’t want to put flannel sheets on the bed, and no, I don’t want to figure out something warmer to wear to a beach wedding in North Carolina 11 days from now, and no, I can’t seem to get caught up on my work or these chores or get through these messes, and no, I don’t want to stuff my attic so full of insulation that I lose storage space and a floor I can walk on, and no, I don’t want to think about how to best protect the new wellhead from the snow plow, and yes, of course I want Mali and New Zealand to enjoy warm weather and life-affirming sunshine, and yes, I know it’s their turn, but no, I don’t want to give it back yet. No.


1. Mali - September 15, 2014

Yay. I think everyone (are you listening Helen and Deloney and Dona and Vesper and Lisa?) should do a MondayforMali!

You’re so clever, I love this. You don’t have to give it back yet. I’ve survived winter quite well, thanks to some internal heating going haywire, so you can keep the sun for a while yet. Not too long, mind.

indigobunting - September 16, 2014

I hope everyone else is listening. That said, the next two Mondays have four-hour drives scheduled on them.

I have some internal heating going haywire too, but it isn’t often cooperative. And when it’s over, seems I doubly freeze!

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