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AnotherMondayforMali: Coyotes October 13, 2014

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Friday near midnight there were two sleeping gals in my guest room and three guys watching the O’s game downstairs and I was tucked in, attempting a few more pages of Huxley before losing consciousness, when suddenly I thought I heard coyotes howling in the fields behind our house, which meant I should make everyone stop watching the game and go out and listen, because what a wondrous sound it is, but when I opened my bedroom window to confirm coyotes, there was nothing, so I figured maybe I hadn’t heard right after all, but the next morning Laura messaged “Did you guys hear the coyotes around midnight last night? OMG, it was nuts!” and I was psyched that I had heard them after all but bummed that it wasn’t in time to show them off, and Laura said that it only went on for a couple of minutes and “They’re like that, I guess, all howling, barking together then they just stop,” and then she sent me a cool video, which I will share with you now:




1. Mali - October 13, 2014

Wow. The fact you have coyotes just behind your house.
Wow again – that video, that sound!
Wow three – another perfect, one sentence post.

2. Helen - October 15, 2014

Yikes, I wonder if I should loop that as my Halloween music this year.

3. Helen - October 15, 2014

And yes, wow to everything Mali noted.

4. Dona - November 6, 2014

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but a bunch of birds flew to the branch outside my window when I was playing that video.

I’ve never heard a coyote, but they have a lot of them around Elgin. I saw a dead one on some farmer’s truck once, though.

indigobunting - November 6, 2014

I bet those birds WERE curious—or had lucky timing.

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