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Suspended Animation December 12, 2014

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This morning, Tim left home and drove to the office for the first time in, possibly, 17 days. I am not quite sure. Things are fuzzy.

We canceled our Thanksgiving trip because of a storm and because Tim wasn’t feeling great. That Wednesday, when the storm hit, Tim may have stayed home and worked from home. Thursday he had off, and I’m fairly certain he worked from home that Friday, too. On Monday morning, he boarded a plane for Chicago for a photo shoot and got back home Friday night.

We had a guest staying with us for the weekend, and Tim was extremely tired and sort of wishing he could just collapse and be alone, love her though he does. When she left, it became clear that he wasn’t just exhausted—he was sick.

He stayed home Monday. Around 5 pm, about the time I was leaving to attend a school fund-raising dinner, we took his temperature and kind of freaked out. Enough to call the doctor’s office and speak to a nurse.

We called Tuesday afternoon, too, when his temperature was even higher, when I was beginning to show further signs of illness, and when the predicted storm had already begun.

It iced/sleeted/snowed on Tuesday, on Wednesday, yesterday. His fever dropped, but he still hasn’t quite hit normal. He would work in the morning from home, nap, work some more, nap. Early on, I moved to the guest room in self-defense. We canceled appointments.

We had to shovel. Mostly, I did, because he really couldn’t. The first day the snow was so heavy that the flat roofs had to be done. It was difficult, and he came out and took over for the last bit, although he probably shouldn’t have.

I couldn’t tell how much of my soreness was flulike and how much was shovelly.

I developed a cough.

One morning, the boiler stopped and I had to restart it. Usually this means I need someone to come fix it, because it it often soon shuts off again. So far, thank god, it’s held.

One neighbor’s car got stuck several towns away and she needed to be rescued. Other neighbors’ furnace has gone out, and they are waiting for a part. Luckily, they have a woodstove and space heaters. I hear that friends about 2 miles away were without power for 40 hours. Other people I know have been told that their power won’t be restored until Sunday.

Luckily, our caterer neighbor had a frozen-soup sale, and I stocked up. We’ve been living on chicken noodle soup and congee. Then a neighbor brought us just-made turkey-chicken-vegetable soup. Yum. In fact, lots of neighbors have offered to do things for us. We’re lucky.

I have caught up on a lot of TV. Oh, how lazy I have been.

My appetite seems unaffected, but my workouts have been nonexistent, except for the shoveling. I am chubby and spacey. But I have no fever. So far.

Today I plan to venture out. I hope to keep a rescheduled appointment. There are errands to run. In preparation, I have donned a bra for the first time in nearly four days.

When I look at the snow, part of me wonders When did this happen? How can the world look like this now? Where have I been?



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