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Discomfort and Inconvenience December 16, 2014

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I am tired of being sick. It’s amazing how achiness and congestion and fatigue can make a person miserable. I miss getting more accomplished. I miss exercise. I miss booze.

I miss feeling good.

I am miserable, and it’s not even that bad. It feels bad, but I know it’s not bad. Tim had it worse with a fever. Another friend has a cough that’s building her six-pack abs. People with strains of Whatever This Is report getting better, then getting much worse.

And my plumber won’t call me back. The fixtures and plumbing of my kitchen sink need attention. Soon. I’ve got a call in to a new guy, but may have to call another new guy tomorrow if I can’t get an appointment. I want it fixed by the weekend. By god, it better be fixed by Christmas.

But it’s merely an inconvenience, crawling under the sink to turn the water on and off each time I want to do dishes, then wiping up afterward.

I was too sick to do anything nice for Tim for his birthday yesterday. This probably matters more to me than to him.

But here’s what has not been happening with me: I do not have a fever. I do not have a racking cough. I do not, thank the gods, have a stomach flu. My boiler, despite the recent scare, did not go out. I have not lost power. A crazed PTSDer did not make his way around my town killing his ex-wife and her relatives, causing school lockdowns (this happened yesterday in the community of a friend, a teacher in Pennsylvania; the shootings happened in private homes, but one of the victims was a freshman at her high school). There has been no hostage situation in a local café. I do not live in a place where more than 130 children were killed in a school attack.

I have a roof over my head and oil in my tank and running water and electricity and enough food. I even have a Christmas tree.

I am a very, very lucky person.

I am uncomfortable. I am minorly inconvenienced.

I am tired of being sick.


1. Bridgett - December 16, 2014

It’s going around my house one person at a time. I’m waiting in line and there’s nothing I can do…

2. Mali - December 30, 2014

I know I’m late – I hope you’re feeling much much better now.

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