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Toaster December 18, 2014

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

A few weeks ago, I bought a new toaster.

So what? you may ask.

You’d be amazed how long I’d thought about doing this before I did it.

The main reason for delaying purchase was that we don’t eat that much bread; therefore, we don’t eat that much toast. It’s hard to make a priority out of an appliance we don’t use often. In fact, the toaster we had was stored on kitchen overflow shelves in the mudroom, and if I wanted toast, I would go and fetch the toaster, then move it back when I was done. We just don’t have the counter space for an appliance we barely use.

I had given away a toaster oven because of its size and because we never used it.

But our toaster was substandard. It wasn’t expensive. It was fine, but, like most toasters, it didn’t really toast well—that is, we could put it on the highest setting, and when the bread popped up, it wasn’t dark enough for our tastes. So we’d go for round 2. Except often—maybe usually—the toaster wouldn’t allow an immediate round 2, so we’d have to hold the lever down ourselves until the toast was as dark as we wanted it.

This was a drag.

I’d halfheartedly look for toasters, but there are a lot of expensive toasters out there, and remember: We don’t eat that much bread. Did I really want to spend $100 on a toaster? And what if it didn’t work any better than the cheap one?

Tim is convinced that it’s against code to manufacture a toaster that can get hot enough to toast bread. A friend noted that indeed, toasters are notorious for catching fire. Again, if that’s the case, would spending $100 make a difference?

I asked around. One neighbor had a toaster that her family really liked, and I wrote down what it was and looked for it online and confirmed the model. I recently found that e-mail from nearly two years ago.

I’d walk around kitchen stores and browse the toaster section. There are a lot of beautiful $100 toasters. Breville has some gorgeous ones at about $180. Toasters. Did I mention that these are toasters?

In October, my parents generously sent us a check for $100 as an anniversary gift. I sat on it awhile and then decided to buy a toaster.

I found that one that my friends have at a local kitchen store for $80. A Cuisinart. I brought it home.

It has lots of settings. It can allegedly defrost (Tim said it worked well when he tried it). The highest toast setting—7—does not get our bread quite dark enough. This is disappointing.

But when we push the lever down for another round, it stays down.


1. Craig R. Smith - December 18, 2014

I long-ago gave up on toasters in favor of toaster ovens. They get your bread perfectly toasted, both evenly and to whatever intensity you wish, even blackened. And because I like large, and sick, and oddly shaped breads, toaster ovens are really the only device that can handle them. They also do small items like baked potatoes or mini-casseroles that it’s just not worth heating up the oven for.

indigobunting - December 18, 2014

I really don’t have the room for one. As I mentioned above, I got rid of one. It’s sad, having to live so small. (They now make toasters for artisan breads now too—they cost $180!)

2. Mali - December 30, 2014

I can’t believe I missed this. Toast! One of life’s comfort foods. (Well, to us at least. I really should eat less bread.)

We have a relatively cheap toaster that toasts well. My main problem is to remember to turn the toaster down when I’m toasting something just for me – my husband likes the “toast to cinder” setting. Maybe you like the “nuclear scorched earth” setting? (Carcinogens – so many carcinogens).

There are some beautiful (but very expensive) toasters out there. Drool.

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