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H4H: Cookie December 24, 2014

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Maybe it’s because I no longer have a desk at the Major Client’s office, so I’m barely there. Maybe it’s because so many of my friends eat gluten-free now. Maybe it’s because one of my neighbors wrote a book about going a year without sugar and now we’re all cutting back just a little. Maybe it’s because Tim and I have been sick off and on for weeks. Maybe it’s because I’ve been avoiding giving sugary gifts the past couple of years—because there was always so much sugar everywhere—and opting instead for ornaments or something savory.

But on Sunday, the winter solstice, as I was delivering a couple of nonsugared ornaments to neighbors, I happened to remark that here it was, four days before Christmas, and I had not yet had a holiday cookie.

Emily, who is nearly 10 now (I think), overheard this and mentioned that she and her grandmother had just made cookies, and did I want one?

Of course.

It was gingerbread. The round and yummy, chewy, flat kind. It was really, really, really good.

Last night, scrolling through Facebook, I discovered she’d been at it again, this time with Eugenia, this time shaping men.

(Photo blatantly stolen from LB)

(Photo blatantly stolen from LB)


1. Mali - December 26, 2014

I hope by now that you’ve had many cookies and delicious sweet things, sweet IB.

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