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AM4M: Hyding and Hoping December 29, 2014

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Yesterday Tim rallied, and we left the house and drove a half hour to the Hyde Collection, a place that always astounds me with their permanent collection, so close to my own home: van Dyck, Thayer, Bellows, Bierstadt, Picasso, Hassam, Whistler, Eakins, Rubens, Homer, El Greco, Rembrandt, Cassatt, Renoir. I love to wander through the Hyde House, its music room reminding me, with its iconography, of trips to Italy, its view over the courtyard most pleasing. We saw a fantastic traveling exhibit (while its Pennsylvania museum is under renovation and expansion) of signature works from the Westmoreland Museum of American Art. Tim barely coughed at all.

But he got worse again overnight, and even though I don’t really believe a doctor can do much for whatever this monthlong monstrosity is, my fingers are crossed that he will see one today before he heads home again, that there is something out there that can help him get better faster.


1. Mali - December 29, 2014

You’re so lucky to have such a place so close to you. Very cultured.

Sorry Tim is still ailing. D had a similar cough for weeks (still not 100%) in November/early Dec, and my sister and a good friend have both complained of coughs that never stopped this year.

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