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AM4M: Report on the Limoncello January 5, 2015

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Mali has asked for an update, and commented:

I’m going to try it myself. (I’m already designing the label in my head—I’m thinking “Sergio’s Limoncello” with a small picture of a blue bird beside it.)

I have a crush on this comment. A label! Lovely.

The limoncello turned out well. I can’t drink a lot of any creamy sweet drink, and this is no exception for me, but it’s lovely to have a shot of it now and then.

Things I might do differently next time:

  1. Follow Sergio’s recipe exactly. This time, I found a recipe online that was nearly identical but used 100-proof vodka and less sugar (and notes the considerable time it takes to reduce the mixture). Someday it might be good to find the contraband grain and try the recipe exactly as he wrote it, even with all that sugar (which scares me).
  2. I would not double the recipe, which I did this time, because the one I was using said it served eight. Eight what, I wonder? I gave a lot of it away. I still have nearly a quart.
  3. Tim thought we should try a pricier, tastier vodka. He may be right, but really, do the heavy lemon/sugar/milk flavors warrant trying that? I’m not sure.

Mostly, I wish Mali was here to have some limoncello with me.


1. Mali - January 5, 2015

Aw, I wish I was too! (Then I wouldn’t have to make it myself, either. Win win.) Must remember now to collect lots of lemons from my in-laws lemon tree next time we visit.

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