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H4H: Fish Runner (even though Helen is a vegetarian) January 14, 2015

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This week we have whole cleaned black sea bass. These fish are caught in traps (very sustainable) and are the very best roasted fish around. They make for a super-impressive dish. They run around 2 lbs. and are $25 each; leftover racks also make a great stock. We have cape sea scallops 10/20 scallops a lb., $20/lb. Line-caught haddock $12/lb. Please order by 5:30. Stay warm. Thanks. J.

The fresh-fish thing, which was to start this month, got a bit of a jump start in December when the first delivery happened Christmas Eve. Because pickup was at the market building but not during Friday market hours, that special delivery felt way more like a drug deal, our fishmonger meeting a half dozen of us at the appointed time and place, dangling lobster and oysters and flounder before a gang of wide-eyed foodies.

Another LB photo.

Another LB photo.

I got a pound of flounder. It was divine.

The first Friday market I got monkfish. Last week I got mussels. Not only am I lucky enough to have fresh seafood delivered eight doors down, but I’m married to a guy who knows how to cook. Seriously, these meals have been heavenly.

I’ve ordered the black sea bass.

The cheesemonger told me that the fishmonger has suggested either shucking lessons or on-demand oysters for Valentine’s weekend. I don’t know if I’ll be around that night. And I can’t be trusted with a knife of any kind. But it sure sounds good.


1. Helen Coo - January 14, 2015

I so love Vermont village life…

2. Mali - January 17, 2015

I wish I knew how to cook fish properly. My husband doesn’t love seafood, so I cook it rarely – except for salmon. Sigh. You’re so lucky!

3. Dona - March 1, 2015

Roasted black sea bass sounds delicious. We are lucky to have the fish guys every Friday set up shop three blocks away.

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