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AM4M: Whereabouts March 23, 2015

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

I know that I’ve disappeared. I do this. But I’ve been anxious and obsessed, about things I seem to be losing (my keys, my mind, my body, my youth, bits of my livelihood) and about possible future events, the thoughts of which trigger near panic-attack discomfort stemming from childhood (physical chaos of my living space, money worries). But I can’t write about these things without (a) it being one big whine or (b) boring myself silly. Enough already. As to those deaccessioning projects I need to accomplish, I consider writing about those, but then I think, write after you’ve done something, if you ever do. Stop stalling. This is bullshit.



1. susan365 - March 23, 2015

Sounds like we had similar winters. A better outlook ahead for both of us. I hope!

indigobunting - March 23, 2015

Susan, I just went to your blog to comment on your last post—just to say it’s kind of haunting me—and found you’d deleted it all. Which must mean it’s really haunting you.

And yes, may spring be spring-ish!

2. susan365 - March 23, 2015

Yes, I opened a rather large vein with those three posts about the book, and I decided to stitch it closed. Spring will be a lovely distraction. Think of all the ticks I can whine about!

indigobunting - March 23, 2015


3. Helen - March 23, 2015

Whatever you write about is always immensely readable–you’re the literary equivalent of those women who look gorgeous in a garbage bag or sackcloth. So please don’t disappear! (And I can so relate to the fear about losing things…)

indigobunting - March 24, 2015

Oh, Helen, I’m so glad you’re here. (And you can relate to my fear of you disappearing…)

4. Mali - March 25, 2015

I agree with Helen. Anything you write about is interesting. And sometimes I find writing about my to-do list helps.

indigobunting - March 25, 2015

Sometimes it does, Mali. I’ve got to find a balance! Did you see Lali’s latest post on downsizing?

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