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Installation: Night Shift May 6, 2015

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Five bronze female figures, full size (~67 inches), horizontal. Outdoor presentation preferable, on grass. Presented in a line, slightly staggered.

Figure 1: Savasana (supine, corpse pose)

Figure 2: Felled tree (supine, left foot to right knee)

Figure 3: Half fetus (side lying [right], knees at about 90 degrees)

Figure 4: Fleeing GSW (prone, right knee at about 45 degrees, chalk outline)

Figure 5: Props (side lying [left], left leg straight, right knee at 90 degrees, supported by bronze pillow)

To make exhibit interactive, place full watering cans at either end. Lightly sprinkle figures.

Garter May 4, 2015

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Thursday afternoon, after the warming, I took a walk on the rail trail with Laura. We happened upon two garter snakes in the leaves alongside the path. Garters tend to spook easily, but I squatted for a better look. One of them came right over and looked me in the face, forked tongue darting. S/he slithered deliberately through the canyon created by my boots to Laura’s shoe, winding around and under its front before crossing the trail. We followed the snake to the other side, and s/he came back to us for a moment, looking again, no doubt marveling at our tameness.