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Anonymous Guest Blogger July 13, 2015

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

[a July 7 comment on “Excuse Note Follow-up” for all to see and with which Ms. I. Bunting further procrastinates]

Dear Varied Bunting:

I feel you could do a much better job of incentivizing Indigo proper Bunting to blog rather than to spend all her time dilly dallying with Orphan Black and Trombone Shorty. In fact, those sound like flimsy excuses for names—are you sure she’s not actually engaged in other time-wasting pursuits, like condiment shopping? Anyways, here’s my suggestion: every day prepare some home-made sweet potato frites and serve them with the daily special dipping sauce (e.g. Monday: Trader Joe’s sweet chili sauce; Tuesday: Wild Maine blueberry hot sauce; Wednesday: Annie’s Naturals BBQ sauce (ignore its dubious provenance); Thursday: Stonewall Kitchen maple chipotle grille sauce; Friday: Hellman’s real mayonnaise, possibly jazzed up with some pickled ramps and scapes; Saturday: Cholula chili lime hot sauce; Sunday: special brunch-style balsamic vinegar with wild blueberries). Allow Indigo to peck at exactly cinq frites but no more, until she writes at least 250 mots.

If that doesn’t work I suggest you stop rolling yer eyes in frustration, pack up all those condiments, and make your way to NYC, where you can set up an eatery that will put this one out of business: http://www.pommesfritesnyc.com/gallery.html. As you roll down the driveway towards Route 153 you may want to taunt Indigo with a few particularly villainous verbified nouns (e.g. “incentivizing”), which may goad her into posting a diatribe against this new-fangled assault on the Queen’s English and its hayseed offshoot.


An Anonymous Indigo Bunting Aficionado


1. Dona - July 13, 2015

Oh my goodness… Condiments. I have to physically grab my wrist with my other hand and pull it away from a shelf. My latest indulgence [strike that] obsession is fancy doodads for cocktails. Yesterday I bought a jar of “Wild Hibiscus blossoms” that apparently “Open” when placed in the bottom of a champagne flute and the flute is filled with “bubbly”.

indigobunting - July 13, 2015

Dona: I have those in my fridge (see original June 29 post). A gift. They work, but I never think of them.

2. Mali - July 16, 2015

I have to say, I rather like this Anonymous Indigo Bunting Aficionado. Like Varied Bunting, they have quite the way with words. I wonder if they’ve ever thought of blogging themselves?

indigobunting - July 16, 2015

Mali: My thoughts exactly.

3. guacachocolatte - July 17, 2015

I find this anonymous guest blogger snarky and secretive. Thank the blog gods they don’t have a site of their own.

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