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Fish or Not?: Part 5: The Verdict October 15, 2015

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Here it is the middle of October and I still haven’t reported whether I made my goal of ten no-drinking days in both August and September. August, of course, you know about, even the details. I could give you a similar rundown for September, which began with my drinking expensive champagne at a 6-year-old’s afternoon birthday party. (Don’t you think I would have been safe from temptation at such an event? Not in Parts West.) The next night, though, I sat alone at a bar, listening to a singer who’d been on The Voice, and didn’t order a single drink. Sipping my club-soda-with-lime, I watched the bartender prepare concoction after concoction and found myself getting snobby and judgmental: A screwdriver? Really? Who drinks those after high school?

I got back to Portland ever so briefly, and then I went to my high school reunion. There seemed to be parties and events galore last month. But I made it. Ten booze-free days in September.

Some of those days I really, really wanted a drink. Some of those days I didn’t really notice the absence. Some of the days that I have to count as drink days I only had half a beer (truly). Some of the days I that I drank, I found myself thinking, Did I really want that drink?

So maybe it’s made me a little more aware.

Experiment over. I’m going to Europe.


1. guacachocolatte - October 18, 2015

I was going to say that I had just assumed you wouldn’t achieve two months of ten no-drinking days in a row (I don’t think I expressed this rate stuff correctly, but I got totally confused, gave up, and poured myself a glass of wine), but obviously I underestimated you.

I’m glad you’ve abandoned the experiment and are heading to Europe. Will you be going back next month? Have fun!

2. Mali - October 22, 2015

Yes, you have to drink in Europe. Salut!

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