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Je ne parle pas November 30, 2015

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Months ago, in preparation for our trip, I abandoned reading of books for studying guide books and brushing up on my very limited French. I borrowed a French study course from the library, which I renewed again and again. I played a Berlitz CD in my car. I used the DuoLingo app almost daily.

It helped. But of course, as soon as I was in Paris, I was like a deer in the [speaking] headlights, not knowing which way to turn, hiding behind a boulder of English. I made sad, patronizing-worthy attempts. But French people successfully took my money, so all was well.

I think of my French as being like someone who is about 15 months old, who can understand more than she can say, who knows what she wants to say but can’t say it yet. Except 15-month-old Parisians know way more French than I do.

Still, as soon as I left Paris—in fact, as soon as I got on the plane headed for Europe—I abandoned French study. And this weekend, after more than a month of daily reminders, DuoLingo told me that they think maybe I’m just not that into them and that they would leave me alone for now.

I should go back to DuoLingo. I should go to Montreal. I should use my silly app for fun. Right?

But where does the time go? Have you noticed I can’t even get here anymore?


1. Mali - December 4, 2015

This sounds so familiar. I brush up on my French before a trip, and I can usually manage a few sentences in conversation, other than butting stuff, but that’s it! I abandoned books for language studying for almost a year before we went to Spain, teaching myself from scratch, every night in bed! It got quite good, but since then I’ve stopped completely. Yet we have Mexico and South America on our to-go list, so I should be working on it still. Sigh.

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