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MLK January 15, 2016

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

I once had a relationship with a guy who had the same birthday as Martin Luther King Jr., and twice or thrice I almost had a relationship with a guy on whose birthday MLK was assassinated. I had a hopeless crush on assassinationday guy, and he liked me too, but just enough to let me know that he did and then do nothing about it. This is confusing for an introverted teenager—getting all the signs, then getting shut down. After a two-year gap—during which I never saw assassinationday guy, and I started seeing birthdayguy, a very nice guy—I ran into assassinationday guy, he being home on break from college, and he led me on again, and my desire to squash that old perceived unrequitedness was such that I wasn’t as nice to birthdayguy as I should have been, not fair at all really, but in the long run, of course, assassinationday guy again failed to follow up on what I perceived as emotional promises (which means I failed to follow up on my own emotional promises to birthdayguy). And I was always aware of this weird little MLK trivia bit because that is how my weird little brain works: One is birth. One is death. Shouldn’t the choice be obvious?


1. Mali - January 22, 2016

I adore the way your brain works.

2. guacachocolatte - January 23, 2016

Me too!

Once would think the choice would be obvious, but I think our brains are into all sorts of mind games with the seeming intent of assassinating our happiness.

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