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Traveling the States February 9, 2016

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Of course, with or without that passport, there are many places I would like to see right here in the states. Since Northbrook left me, I’ve done a little better about getting out west, to California, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. I wish I had way more time and money.

I’ve never made a list of the states I’ve been to, and I suppose I should, but I get hung up on defining a visit. If one has driven through the state practically nonstop, seeing only the interstate and maybe just at night, does it count? If one has only been in an airport in a particular state, one has physically set foot in that state, but again, does it count? I would argue no, but I guess it depends on what kind of lister you are. When listing birds, hearing the call counts—if it’s a positive ID, you don’t have to actually see the thing (although getting to is better!).

So I’ll make a list here. I will scour my memory, thoughtfully consider circumstances, and assign each state to one three categories: Yes, Yes but No, No.

I certainly hope I can fully Yes more than half.


1. Mali - February 19, 2016

How cool! A travel blog series. You just know I’m going to love that, don’t you?

Mali - February 19, 2016

PS. I’ve made a list of countries I’ve been to. I’ve been quite strict – transferring through a country (ie in transit at an airport) doesn’t count. So though I’ve twice stopped over in Shanghai Airport for several hours each way, and though I ate Chinese food there and had a conversation in Chinese (albeit briefly), it still doesn’t count. Sigh.

I haven’t made a list of countries I want to go to – or at least, not yet. I mean to do that soon.

Are your “No” verdicts simply a record that you haven’t been yet?Or are they decisions not to go … ever?

2. guacachocolatte - February 19, 2016

I like the idea of a “yes but no” category. That seems like it might be a useful answer to so many questions.

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