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Alaska February 12, 2016

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Reasons you might think I’ve been to Alaska: Wilderness. Great fly fishing. New birds to be listed. An adventure.

Reasons you might think I haven’t been to Alaska: Far away. Small airplanes might be involved, or cruise ships, either of which could begin that nausea thing that threatens days of vacation.

Sewa Yoleme and I were big fans of Northern Exposure, back in our DC days, sometimes even getting together to watch it. We both eventually moved to Vermont towns that made Cicely, Alaska, look downright metropolitan. (Before that, we both visited Roslyn, Washington, to walk those streets. Too bad that doesn’t count.)

I have an acquaintance who lives in Anchorage, an author with whom I’ve worked. It wouldn’t be a place to stay, but he’d take us fishing.

Tim has always wanted to fish there, but in that wilderness way, when the float plane drops you off for a few days and comes back for you.

MapQuest tells me that Anchorage is 4,498.7 miles from my house and that would take me 73 hours and 20 minutes to drive there. I presume this is under ideal conditions, perhaps in summer.

I have never been to Alaska. It would be awesome to see a willow ptarmigan.

Been there?: No


1. Mali - February 19, 2016

Alaska is definitely on our list of places to go.

2. guacachocolatte - February 19, 2016

I too loved Northern Exposure. And if you ever get dropped off in the wilderness, don’t forget to book your return flight–I remember that story in Into the Wild, about the person who got dropped off somewhere remote but somehow overlooked the need to ask the pilot to pick them up in xx days (I’m not sure why the pilot didn’t inquire about how the person planned to make it out of there).. It was not a good outcome.

indigobunting - February 22, 2016


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