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California (III) February 19, 2016

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I didn’t get to California—didn’t ever see the Pacific Ocean—until I was about thirty. I went for a medical writers/editors conference in Los Angeles with coworkers. One of our association doctors showed us around, took us someplace beautiful for lunch. Over the years, I’ve often heard him interviewed on NPR. My boss/friend Deb and I went shopping (I bought a leather miniskirt) and walked the beach at Malibu and checked out the La Brea Tar Pits (our tour guide was a black man named Björn).

I went back to LA at the turn of the century. I remember the timing only because I was there for the 2000 election; I had voted absentee so that I could visit my sister. I went to bed thinking, “Well, tomorrow this will at last be decided.” It was not.

On that trip, I went back to the La Brea Tar Pits and to the art museum. I walked into a dress shop only to discover that “large” might be a size 2. That might be generous. I could not pull the waistline of any dress over my flat chest. I went back out to the street and saw normal-sized people walking around with clothes on. It was confusing.

That trip was the last time I saw my favorite sister outlaw, a woman I’d lost (in a way) in the breakup with Tim’s brother. She was apparently going through early menopause, she told me. Almost a year to the day later, she gave birth to her son. I miss her.

I’ve made a couple of trips to San Francisco too (the food!), both involving heading north from there to Fall River to visit dear Val. You can see photos of his place here. There were owls in the barns and sandhill cranes in the fields. There was beautiful fishing and great company.

I haven’t done the wine country thing, although we drove past the exits to get to Val’s.

We went to Yosemite. Ah, Yosemite. We went to Mono Lake.

My nephew just moved to San Francisco. So I guess I have a relative in California again.

Been there?: Yes



1. guacachocolatte - February 19, 2016

So many great details here…

2. Mali - February 22, 2016

Mono Lake is now on my list of places to go.
I bet you rocked that leather miniskirt!
Also, another suggestion for a blogger get-together – California wine country!

PS. Loving these posts.

indigobunting - February 22, 2016

Loving your suggestions for reunion spots!

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