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Leap III February 29, 2016

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It’s nearly 50°F and I’m just back from a morning walk with two of the Parts West Walk Posse. As predicted, the rain began near the end of the walk, and I arrived home wet and sweaty. Tomorrow it will be in the 20s once more. This may be the weirdest winter I’ve ever seen.

I stopped at the post office and happily found my poem-bearing postcard from Jenny. Perfect timing. I sheltered it from water-bearing sky all the way home.

“It takes a great deal of love to give a damn,” she writes. “Be rebellious. Do more than kiss a cheek.”*

Last leap day, I was swinging on the set next door in the snow and preparing to turn fifty. There’s something that feels more ominous about fifty-four. Still, maybe I’ll turn a cartwheel.

Two leaps ago, I bought my car. The one I still drive. That heated seat still keeps my ass warm.

Today I will get a massage, only my second since Kim left in July. One doesn’t often have a massage on February 29.

I should go to town meeting tonight. I have a love/hate relationship with town meeting, and sometimes I don’t make it there, especially if it’s on my birthday. Today is not my birthday. Tomorrow we vote.

Give a damn. Be rebellious.

Maybe I’ll go.



*Jennifer Hill’s new book, You Look Young Enough to Be Relevant, is available here.


1. Mali - March 1, 2016

I love getting little snippets of your life. And I love that you’re writing again.

2. guacachocolatte - March 1, 2016

Me too too. And as always, I envy parts of your life–in this case, the friend who sends you poem-bearing postcards.And the heated car seats.

indigobunting - March 3, 2016

Helen, she’s a 365er—in fact, she’s married to the guy who started the project.

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