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Idaho March 10, 2016

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

My copy editor just moved to Idaho.

When I got my journal gig twenty years ago, I inherited her. She and her husband had just gotten jobs at my college alma mater, oddly enough (a 9-hour drive or so from here). And then they bought the house I used to live in.

But her husband didn’t survive a recent regime change, and they sold the house (sniff! I’m devastated!) and packed it all up and moved to Idaho for another job.

So between the ugliness of that and the recent-enough mailbox experience, I have been ignoring the phone when said alma mater calls to ask for money. I’m just a little pissed off at them right now.

Anyway, back to Idaho.

Tim’s been there, fishing, and I’d love to see this reportedly beautiful state. A dear friend moved there years ago, she and her husband also following academic jobs. I’ve seen that friend since she moved—she met us in Arizona, for that birthday celebration I mentioned, and again in Portland, Oregon, when we went there to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. Which is now almost ten years ago.

A friend here used to live in Driggs, near the Tetons. An indexer I’ve hired but never met lived there until very recently but moved to Spokane.

Everyone I know who has lived there is liberal, but I hear it’s not a liberal place.

Been there?: No



1. Adamus - March 10, 2016

My son does a lot of work there. I quote from a text of his from last week. “The state is made up of the bits the surrounding states didn’t want. The people act like it.”

I was invited to visit. A friend wanted us to move there and for Lee to practice there. As long as we didn’t tell people we were Jewish, she said, it should be fine. We would not get hit on the head with a shovel and left by the river like the last one.

i think I can live without Idaho.

indigobunting - March 10, 2016

I have heard stories of skinheads and white supremacy groups there. Makes me nervous. That said, parts of it are supposed to be gorgeous. THAT said, I have friends who chose not to take a job there because they didn’t want to raise their kids around said groups.

Adamus - March 10, 2016

I was offered a job once, once being the year 2000, in Rangely Colorado. Drive NW, cut a small corner off Utah and then Wyoming and you are in Idaho.

It was teaching community college English. Fly into Grand Junction, then spend two hours in the car with the guy who was going to Interview me, get interviewed, then drive back. It sounded like a special Hell.

I asked about diversity in the town. “Well, we have about 2,400 people and twelve churches.” This was the head of the English department. “But no Jew churches. We had a Jew or two on the faculty. None of them ever complained though.” I’ll bet they didn’t. I’ll bet.

I said no. I didn’t want to do that to my wife and kids. I always wondered if that was an error, even with all the moving that academics tend to do. Perhaps a stepping stone.

I just a looked at pictures of Rangely. Just now. A place even a skilled photographer could not make appealing.

2. Mali - March 12, 2016

You make Idaho sound more appealing than Adam. Mind you, he’s almost managed to scare me off Colorado. That’s quite an achievement!

Adamus - March 12, 2016

Colorado Springs, where the KKK actually got ON to the Air Force base to recruit soldiers for the cause. My friend who lives there says she feels stifled by the religioua psychosis of the area. It is so strong it ceeates a polar backlash. No one in the middle.

Pretty though. Great beer.

Mali - March 15, 2016

Good grief. I hate to think what they’d do to a liberal Kiwi.

3. indigobunting - March 13, 2016

Mali: Stick to Boulder, Denver, and the great outdoors!

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