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Maine March 21, 2016

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Maine is the police station in Camden after Chinatown. It’s oysters and Gavi and the occasional lobster roll. It’s birding and biking and being there so often that work friends become real friends. Maine is Portland restaurants that have (for me) set the bar for the rest of the world, and it’s at those bars that I love to sit. Maine is bartenders and local food celebrities recognizing you—or at least pretending to. It is a home away from home.

Maine is the other New England state with no billboards.

Maine is the first place I think of if, the gods forbid, I should have to leave Vermont.

Been there?: Yes



1. Bridgett - March 28, 2016

I think I would like Vermont and Maine. But I don’t know if I could get past the being new thing…that’s the nice thing about the midwest (and Texas).

indigobunting - April 13, 2016

New as in “you’re not really one of us unless your great-great-grandparents were born here”?

2. Mali - April 13, 2016

I really want to meet you in Portland and eat and drink together!

indigobunting - April 13, 2016

Yes, please!

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