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Massachusetts March 24, 2016

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Massachusetts is riding in an RV being driven through Boston (harrowing!), then seeing Provincetown for the first time and vowing, with my best friend, to come back and live and work there for a summer—a promise never kept. It’s a weekend yoga retreat twenty-one years later with the same friend on the opposite side of the state, about as far from Provincetown as one could be.

Massachusetts is my cousin and her family and how great it is to see them, however rare the occurrence. It’s the scene of the crime for the stolen shirt.

Massachusetts is those occasional contradances in Greenfield (may I get back there one day). It’s the trips to Cape Cod—the birds there, the bike path, the beach, that wonderful week with good friends. Massachusetts is whale watching. It’s that unlikely week in Nantucket, purchased impulsively with friends at a charity auction, the week I biked everywhere and knew I probably wasn’t rich enough to ever come back.

Been there?: Yes



1. Mali - April 15, 2016

There once was a girl in Nantucket … So, was that you?

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