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Missouri April 1, 2016

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

If in fact Paul and Duncan and I drove through Kansas on our way to Colorado that one time, it’s possible that we drove through Missouri too, although Paul doesn’t mention this in his list-of-states-driven-through. I have some memory of the Gateway Arch that feels like it happened in warmth. But looking at the map, it seems that if we did go through Missouri, we wouldn’t have hit St. Lou.

No matter. I’ve been there. When I was living in Illinois, a college friend and I drove to St. Louis to visit another college friend for the weekend. It was memorable in that it was a record-cold weekend all over the United States. It was so cold in Washington, DC, that Reagan’s second public inauguration was canceled and he was sworn in privately, indoors. The wind chill in St. Louis made it feel like –70ºF. So what did we do? We went to the zoo, of course, running as fast as we could between buildings.

Been there?: Yes



1. Bridgett - April 1, 2016

But…how would you have crossed through Missouri without I-70 and STL? Were you on national highways and went through the northern half?

indigobunting - April 1, 2016

We left from Elgin, Illinois. Seems like we would have headed west on 80 either way, probably not heading south til we got to 35. I’m just going by what looks logical NOW, of course.

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