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Nevada April 11, 2016

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

I’ve been to the Las Vegas airport twice. Maybe thrice. Seen the slot machines for the layover crowd. Never tried it.

Being in an airport, alas, doesn’t count as being in a place. I’m not even sure I can count it in the Yes-but-No category.

I would (believe it or not) like to see Vegas. It would be something to behold, and I’m curious to check out a couple of those hotels. I’m guessing I could stomach it for a day and a half, maybe two. Then I’d need to get out into that beautiful surrounding desert my friends go on about.

Five years ago I got a glimpse of Nevada. It’s another drive-through situation, but it is fresh enough—and pretty enough—in my mind to count it (sorry, Kansas and Nebraska).

Tim and I were in California to celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. We went to San Francisco, then swung down to Yellowstone, then over to Mono Lake. From Mono Lake we were heading to Fall River Mills, and the quickest route took us through that western section of Nevada where the border angles about 135°. (Is that a good geometry guess? Vesper Sparrow, help me out here.)

It was a gorgeous drive along mountains and through stereotypical western-looking country, east of Lake Tahoe. We drove north, through Carson City and the eventual sprawl of Reno. We must have stopped somewhere, but I don’t remember exactly. I do remember feeling like I was there enough, aware enough, to count it as being in Nevada.

Been there?: Yes



1. Bridgett - April 12, 2016

1. I love Mono Lake. I forgot it on my California post.

2. I was at work when I read this. I got out my protractor from my desk drawer and pulled up a map of Nevada. 132 degrees.

indigobunting - April 13, 2016

Thank you for that! It makes me happy.

2. Mali - April 19, 2016

My brother-in-law lives in Sacramento, so is always going to Lake Tahoe. I know I’ll get there one day.

PS. I think this is the first time I’ve seen the word “protractor” in a blog comment! I love that.

indigobunting - April 20, 2016

I love that I couldn’t think of the word “protractor” to ask her more directly!

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