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New Hampshire April 11, 2016

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

New Hampshire is what Vermonters drive through to get to Maine and what Mainers drive through to get to Vermont.

New Hampshire is my solo trip north—while Tim tracked timber wolves in Minnesota—to check it out (and Vermont too) and ask myself, Could I live here? Could we move here? It’s the White Mountains hike that ultimately led to my figuring out (finally!) that dehydration is why I get sick when I travel.

New Hampshire is leaving Portland on a sunny April day, alone, and hitting a blizzard close enough to Russ’s house that I could stay there til it was over a day later. I was terrified.

New Hampshire is those deals at the Liquor & Wine Outlets. It’s that killer Earth Eagle pub in Portsmouth.

New Hampshire is where my bamboo fly rod maker lived when he built my fly rod. It’s where the Famous Reel Builder built my trout reel.

It’s a grave I still need to visit.

New Hampshire is where Tim went just yesterday to pick up his new Renaissance bassett recorder in f, built by the Famous Recorder Maker.

There are some awfully nice people from New Hampshire.

Been there?: Yes


1. Craig R. Smith - April 11, 2016

I understand Maine resident Stephen King drives quickly when he has to go through New Hampshire. “Those people are scary,” he says.

indigobunting - April 11, 2016

Live free or die!

2. Bridgett - April 12, 2016

See? I just don’t know if they might be too much.

3. guacachocolatte - April 12, 2016

Those license plates would deter me from ever considering taking up residence there. It may be a nice place to visit, but…

4. Mali - April 19, 2016

All I know about NH is that Jed Bartlett came from there. West Wing provided me with much of my US-related knowledge!

This might be off-topic, but you did mention it. I hope one day you’ll write about why you decided to move to Vermont, and how you chose where to settle.

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