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North Carolina April 15, 2016

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I was there as a kid. It’s a faint memory. We went to Kitty Hawk. We stayed somewhere on the Outer Banks. Very unusual for my family. So unusual that I wonder if I could possibly be right about it. I think there was a rented house involved, but maybe we were just passing through. Maybe it was on that same faint-memory trip to Kentucky.

I got back to North Carolina and the Outer Banks about a year and a half ago when I went to the wedding of my middle- and high-school friend Trudy. Except here’s the thing: We knew each other in middle and high school, and I think we liked each other well enough, but we weren’t really friends.

Ah, the power of Facebook.

Between reunions and Facebook, I had become “friends” with people who weren’t really my friends in high school. One of the biggest obstacles to my knowing them in a real sense back in real time was my own introversion, for sure. And then there’s the regular high school stuff. You know what I mean. You’ve all been to high school, I think.

I’ve stayed close with my high school friend Sue without interruption. She’s the spoke in the wheel that put together a mini-reunion a couple of years ago at her place in New Jersey, a four-hour drive for me and a four-hour drive for the gals from our hometown: Loretta, Angela, and Trudy.

I knew Loretta pretty well, but I didn’t know Angela and Trudy well at all. I’d had more years with Trudy—she and I went to West Middle, the others to East. I’d always admired her because she is funny. (I hold wit and humor in the highest esteem.)

Trudy very nearly canceled at the last minute, and I was devastated by the news. I was really looking forward to getting to know her and Angela.

But everyone made it. We went into the city for a day and saw a Broadway show together. One or two of them—can’t remember—had never been to New York before. Trudy, it turned out, was planning to marry her longtime partner—with whom she already had two near-adult children—in the fall. She’d rented two houses on the beach for her family (and a few friends—Angela was in the wedding).

But she was fighting with her family.

By summer, the second house for family became designated for friends, and Sue, Loretta, and I got invited to the wedding too.

These things shock me. There is no way I could have ever predicted that first, through the Internet, and then by being present in a particular moment in time, I would be suddenly elevated to guest status at this very small wedding of someone I’d only sort of known growing up.

There was no way I was going to miss it.

I drove to New Jersey, and Sue and Jim and I drove to Maryland and picked up Loretta, and we drove to North Carolina.

I stayed in a beach house with people from high school. Me.

Trudy and David got married on the beach. It was beautiful.

Walks on the beach. Kite flying. Birds.

North Carolina was a good time.

Been there?: Yes



1. Mali - April 26, 2016

Oh, that’s really lovely! Although I did cringe a little at “I hold wit and humor in the highest esteem.” I’m doomed, I’m doomed.

indigobunting - April 28, 2016

I highly doubt it, dahlink.

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