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Tennessee April 27, 2016

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My parents met in Nashville. So no Nashville, no Indigo Bunting.

I went to Tennessee once when I was thirteen (see Arkansas).

Then, after we moved to Vermont, Tim and I flew to Tennessee to visit my former coworker/line-o’-Lornas partner Dana and her husband Chris. By then, they’d had to get married. Twenty-plus years ago I knew several couples who publicly refused to get legally married, but then did, rather quietly, to ease the process of adopting a child or getting benefits offered only to the wedlocked. Chris was in a craft school, and Dana was working administratively at the university and getting him a tuition break. So: married.

Chris has since become a successful metalworker with pieces shown in museums and one in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery. They left Tennessee long ago.

But we had a wonderful weekend there, and we wandered around downtown Nashville and ate yummy food and went to the Museum of Tobacco Art and History, which was surprisingly great, but sadly it closed not too long after that, before the turn of the century.

We weren’t there long enough to take in music. So clearly, we should go back someday.

Plus, that time I was in Memphis, Elvis was still alive, so I’ve never toured Graceland.

Been there?: Yes



1. Bridgett - April 28, 2016

you know interesting people.

2. guacachocolatte - May 2, 2016

And have done such interesting things.

3. Mali - May 30, 2016

All I can say is, yay Nashville. I’m so glad there is an Indigo Bunting.

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