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Texas April 28, 2016

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In some ways, it’s ridiculous that I haven’t spent real time in Texas. When I began getting serious about birding, the Peterson guides sold one for eastern birds, one for western birds, and one for the birds of Texas.

It’s all about the migration, baby.

And yet, the only time I’ve been to Texas is that one time to Houston, with Dana, when we went to a conference for medical writers and editors. We were stuck out in a hotel/conference center wasteland, and Houston was a city clearly designed for people with cars, not for pedestrians. We took a tour of the MD Anderson Cancer Center—there must have been a bus or van from the conference site. The saving grace was that Dana’s brother lived there, and he graciously picked us up, drove us around a bit, and took us out for barbecue.

It gets tricky, this deciding whether you’ve really been to a place or not. And Texas is so big.

Reasons I’d like to venture back within its borders: Austin. And birds.

Been there?: Yes


1. susan365 - April 28, 2016

Although I know some nice people from Texas, the place seems a little unsettling. That overdeveloped sense of autonomy. Those politicians.

2. Bridgett - April 28, 2016

Hmm, hadn’t thought about the birding potential…

3. guacachocolatte - May 2, 2016

Texas was never on my “to go before I die” list, but then someone told me about Austin. And the landscape.

4. Mali - May 30, 2016

Texas seems a bit scary! But I have a sister-in-law from Texas, and Air New Zealand flies into Houston now, so you never know.

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