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Vermont May 4, 2016

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When I was fifteen, my sister went to a ballet camp in an upscale Vermont town. I remember our family driving her there and thinking, “It’s beautiful here. People live here.”

Eighteen years later, I moved to a town fifteen minutes-ish from that very spot.*

Nearly twenty-one years after that, I’m still here, in this town, Parts West. I have lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere in my life. This fact does not make me a true Vermonter.

Technically, I had a home base in Maryland for approximately the same amount of time, from 1965 to 1986, minus the high school year in Pennsylvania, the year in Illinois, four years of college, and most of two college summers working away from home. But there are no big blocks of time to subtract from my time here. It’s solid.

All our Northbrook summer trips convinced us that we wanted to move north, but the Adirondacks were too remote for, say, jobs. Vermont friends we’d met at Northbrook would mail us the classifieds every week, and we applied around, with a couple of interviews but nothing panning out. Then a new job in D.C. fell in my lap, I took it, and we decided to suspend the search for at least a year—which is when Tim’s Vermont job materialized, of course. So for eight or nine months, we lived apart.

Most of this blog is, by virtue of it being written here, already about Vermont. It makes this post feel random. I will continue randomly (if for no other reason to push through this project).

Times I’ve been proudest to live here: Vermont was the first state to introduce civil unions (2000). It was the first state to introduce same-sex marriage without being required to do so by the courts (2009). Republican Senator Jim Jeffords, seeing what was happening in his party, turned Independent (2001). When he retired (and no doubt he’d have been reelected), Vermont replaced him with Independent Representative Bernie Sanders.

Vermont is full of rich people living here full- or part-time. It is awash in second homes. It’s full of poor people too. It’s way more politically split than its reputation. That said, it seems that Vermonters from opposing parties are generally nicer to each other than what one sees nationally.

I look around at some of the people who have found their way here, like me—some amazing people. Good friends. And I can’t believe how lucky I am.

Been there?: Yes


 *My town is the opposite of upscale. I would wager that there are many people in the nearby upscale town who have never driven through mine.



1. Mali - May 30, 2016

Vermont is high on my must-visit list. You live there after all.

indigobunting - June 1, 2016

That I do! May it be so for a long time to come.

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