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West Virginia May 12, 2016

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I think Tim ordered my first pair of cross-country skis, Åsnes, from a lodge in the Canaan Valley that we always said we’d visit and never did.

My other Civil War love (besides Gettysburg) was Harpers Ferry National Park. Here the Shenandoah and the Potomac Rivers meet. Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia come to a point, and there is park land in each state. The town itself is in West Virginia. The Appalachian Trail goes right through it.

In high school years, Sue and Ned and Jamie and I would go there and hike up Maryland Heights and walk through train tunnels. Once, certain we heard a train coming, we jumped into the sooty alcoves and waited (for nothing). A couple of times we hiked and camped along the AT there. Sue and I had a trip planned one summer, but then there was a murder on the trail, not far from where we’d be, and we decided that two nineteen-year-old women alone wasn’t the best plan at that moment.

Tim and I spent a lot of time in Harpers Ferry, too. Tim met a potter in town, Jeffrey. In exchange for time on the wheel and couple of beautiful raku vases, Tim painted cows on Jeffrey’s pottery (the stuff that sold enough to make the artsy stuff possible). Tim got up to a decent cow-per-hour rate. We still have a couple of those pieces.

We loved to hike Maryland Heights, then walk around the town. Tim took annual guided fishing trips with his dad on those rivers.

A couple of times we met Kim and Rich at a great bed and breakfast above town. Once we went with a bunch of friends from DC, and I got dehydrated again (before I figured out what was going on with me) and ended up in another emergency room.

The only other place I remember being in West Virginia is Berkeley Springs, “America’s First Spa.” We went with April and Jan and took the mineral baths. It was very institutional, and private, like mini swimming pools. After our “treatments,” we discussed how the baths would make a great place for secret lovers to meet, an inexpensive alternative to a hotel room, but then we realized in a town that small, everyone would know.

Been there?: Yes


1. Mali - May 30, 2016

I love your last paragraph. In western Virginia we had a waitress from West Virginia. I struggled to understand her. My husband couldn’t at all.

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