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5BY3: Quarterly Report September 30, 2016

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Ah, a slow birding year. Unless I see a new bird before midnight, I’ve added only nine. One right here in Oklahoma City: a great-tailed grackle. (Oh, and that’s a new state for me: Oklahoma.)

Carolina wren, Louisiana waterthrush, black-and-white warbler, green heron, red-breasted nuthatch, yellow-rumped warbler, brown creeper, merlin, great-tailed grackle.

Year-to-date count at this quarter: 113. (2012: 110. 2013: 173 [which turned out to be that year’s total]. 2014: 116. 2015: 124.)


1. Mali - October 4, 2016

My bird report for this quarter: Kaka, tui, rosella, and miscellaneous brownish birds I couldn’t name! (Actually, I’m going to write a bird post soon.)

I always love your bird reports, especially the crazy names – eg. great-tailed grackle. I’m tossing up whether my favourite this time is yellow-rumped warbler, or red-breasted nuthatch.

indigobunting - October 5, 2016

Bird names are so much fun. I, of course, am envious of your bird names.

2. guacachocolatte - October 22, 2016

Hee hee, this reminds me of a game of Balderdash we played over Thanksgiving, when I got the word “Rumkin”–according to the designers of the game, it’s a rumpless Persian cock.

indigobunting - October 28, 2016

Interesting. I can only find a “drinking vessel” definition for that… they may be related.

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