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A Mali Anniversary December 1, 2016

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

My friend Mali wrote her first blog post ten years ago today. I wrote my first blog post ten months to the day before hers. I am almost as many months older than she, coincidentally. But not quite.

Mali joined a group of writers who were writing about one person each day for a year, restricting word count to the number of years one had been on the planet. We were both forty-four.

Today she wrote about her anniversary, and the project, and our friendly group.

In April, I sent her a string of birds, and today I’m thrilled that she posted a photo of them, living in New Zealand. I stole it and am sharing it here (copyright Mali).


New Zealand is a dream.

I have found it hard to even want to write anything of late. I am busy, and the world is depressing. But I’ll keep at it occasionally because of Mali and our friends. May we all get together in person soon.



1. guacachocolatte - December 3, 2016

Are those indigo buntings that are strung up?

indigobunting - December 3, 2016

I suppose one of them is!

2. guacachocolatte - December 3, 2016

P.S. Please do keep at it occasionally. I know I only comment occasionally, but I would miss you terribly if you stopped. Just post your shopping list if you can’t think of anything to write…

3. Mali - December 7, 2016

You’ve made me a bit teary. I so miss Helen, and I love to see her comment. I would also miss you terribly. TERRIBLY! Though thank goodness for Fb.

indigobunting - December 7, 2016

Yes, you hear that Helen? Thank goodness for Facebook!

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