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Flowery WTF December 2, 2016

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Twenty years ago, I wrote a back-cover book blurb that showed up this way: “[Title] takes us down overgrown paths in search of an answer, reawakening our drive to pursue the question.” When I wrote it, I knew what I meant, but seeing it on the back of my physical copy, I thought, “WTF does that mean?” and was embarrassed by it. Today I feel like it’s OK, I know what I meant, other people knew what I meant. Maybe. Tomorrow I might be confused again.

I thought of that blurb because I just sent this sentence out into the world to be laid out in pages (it still has time to be edited): “As snowflakes begin to fly, so too do tied creations off vises, each its own small dream of some future wild happiness.” The reader has to do a little work there, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But fly fishing sure can make a gal write some crazy shit.



1. guacachocolatte - December 3, 2016

WTF are “tied creations off vises”? Whatever they are I want one, as I could really use a small dream of some future wild happiness, which sounds divinely poetic.

indigobunting - December 3, 2016

Helen, here are some flies on vises tied by someone named Helen!


2. Mali - December 7, 2016

As the daughter of a fisherman, I knew what you meant. Beautiful!

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