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2017 Things January 4, 2017

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

On December 31, a friend posted:

Today H— [her daughter] and I have been running around the house trying to meet our goal of getting rid of 2016 things this year…we’re almost there…

2016 things! Another way to approach the decluttering. The KonMari Method. The toss-one-thing-a-day method. Now the getting-rid-of-the-same-number-of-things-as-what-year-it-is method.

Could be fun to try, but you’d have to decide what “a thing” is.

For instance, if I got rid of all the paper I have that’s printed on one side that I’m keeping to run through my printer on the OTHER side when I’m printing out draft after draft of certain manuscripts, and if I counted each sheet as one thing, I’m pretty sure I’d be finished with the project when I tossed that pile. Or very nearly so.

And that wouldn’t be as satisfying as all that.

My friend says she used to keep a blog about this, but requests to see said blog have thus far gone unanswered.


1. Mali - January 4, 2017

Yes, I don’t think your paper qualifies as a “thing” for the purposes of this. I read that decluttering is a matter of wealth. Those of us who think we can buy something to replace whatever it is we throw out find it easier to throw out things. So basically, my clutter is a refletion of my frugality. That’s my interpretation and I’m sticking to it! (Though I think you might be prompting me to write about decluttering now.)

indigobunting - January 6, 2017

That is certainly one way to look at things, and there is truth to it. (There are also other psychological problems/histories, sometimes, of course.)

Mali - January 6, 2017

Yes! Precisely why I will look for any interpretation to justify my clutter. (Sigh).

Dona - January 29, 2017

Not sure I agree about the wealth thing — I could certainly buy items if I threw out something I might need later but I’d rather hold on to them in case I need them. My husband goes by a different philosophy though — if we need another this or that we can buy it.

2. Dona - January 29, 2017

What a great idea, except for the fact that I’d have to count everything in the boxes ready for donation.

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