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153s January 18, 2017

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

On December 20, I noted that I see the number 153 often. Mali encouraged me to yes, report sightings. They in fact seemed to dry up a bit, but earlier this week I got to five, so here they are:

  • On December 21, a food bank informed me that “Your gift, in any amount, provided the fuel needed to nourish 153,000 people this year.” OK, that’s not exactly 153, but you can see why it counts.
  • On December 26, my Fitbit reported that I’d climbed a total of 153 floors that week (“39 below last week”—yeah, whatever).
  • On January 7, when looking at the Philadelphia map to find the location of my hotel (booked for March), Google maps informed me that I could get in for $153 that night (which is less than I’m going to pay—but I didn’t have time to drive to Philadelphia from Vermont that night and take advantage of that last-minute deal).
  • On January 15, I opened the book I’m reading to the next chapter (16: Rain), which began on page 153.
  • On January 17, I noticed that venue where I’d attended a small concert on Saturday noted (on Facebook) that 153 people had checked in there. That number is higher today.

I know I’m rather aware of 153, but it does seem an odd number to pop up so much.


1. Mali - January 20, 2017

That is weird! Yes, you’ll be very aware of it, but to see it that often seems unusual. But cool too.

2. Helen - January 21, 2017

Cue Twilight Zone “theme song” (and picture Indigo locked in a birdcage with 153 grumpy puffins).

indigobunting - January 22, 2017

Ooooo…I both love and am terrified of this image.

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