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Running into Blog Friends January 26, 2017

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Yesterday I mentioned at last meeting Alesia near the steps of the capitol during the Women’s March on Montpelier. In person!

Another cyberfriend I hope to meet someday, one I met online through the 365 project, I’ve recently run into in hard copy: in Helen Macdonald’s H Is for Hawk, which I have at long last read.

Jerry sent me her copy through Sioux, thinking I would like this memoir by a falconer. I sure did.

I often peek ahead to the acknowledgments section, and I did with this book, and there was Scott’s name. Scott is also a falconer.

Via Facebook, I told him I’d seen his name. He wrote back that he didn’t realize he’d gotten a mention there. “Good ol’ Helen!,” he said. “When you get into the latter half of the book, you’ll get to go hawking with me and spend some time with my friend Erin as well.”

And a couple of nights ago, I did just that.

When I reported back to him, he said, “If you want to see some of what you read about in that portion of the book, there’s a multimedia piece that a couple of my friends put together several years ago that ended up being broadcast on NPR.”

And here it is:



1. Dona - January 29, 2017

H is for Hawk is on my shortlist of books to read. I think it just moved up in the priority. Thanks!

2. Mali - January 31, 2017

Very cool. I love the way our worlds have expanded as a result of blogging.

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