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More 153s March 29, 2017

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

I am too overwhelmed by life generally to write. So you’re getting more lists. Today it’s more 153s. I waited til I got to ten more.

  • On January 22, at the end of my workout, I stopped the Corner Gas DVD I was watching and marked my place on it. It was 1:53:53.
  • On February 13, for work, had to look up the USS R. M. Blatchford, which turned out to be the USS General R. M. Blatchford (AP-153).
  • On February 17, while reading the school board report, I saw a mention of Act 153.
  • On March 6, in the town report, same.
  • On March 7, my friends who run a creamery posted a video on Facebook, and when I saw it, its counter read “153 views.”
  • On March 8, I received tickets to a June concert with the return address 153 Main Street.
  • On March 13, while cleaning out my e-mail in-box after a trip, I looked up and saw the status as 153 messages, 39 unread.
  • On March 18, the Mavis Staples CD I got for my birthday got stuck/began skipping on the last track in the CD player, at 1:53. (It played fine on the Bose.)
  • On March 26, an early-morning glance at my Fitbit read 153 steps.
  • On March 29 (today), on a work-related Google search, this came up: Geriatrics for Specialists—Page 153—Google Books Result.

Also today, but barely worth mentioning, is that when I worked out on my NordicTrack, I happened to glance at time elapsed right at 1:53 (that’s not quite two minutes, folks, and I was already glancing). And just now, when I went to set a timer to go off at 3:00 (an old-fashioned electronic one, not my phone), I put in 1:07, because the time was 1:53.

My life is riveting.


1. Mali - April 2, 2017

I love you! The number of times you see 153 is uncanny.

Of, and when necessary, blog a list. I like lists.

2. Helen - April 8, 2017

Actually, this is quite riveting.If there was a time stamp on these comments I would have tried to post this at exactly 1:53 (but since there isn’t, I admit it is a much less riveting 10:06).

indigobunting - April 9, 2017

Helen: I’ll just pretend.

3. Dona - April 14, 2017

Interesting! I never see Clutch Cargo anywhere.

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