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Goloptious October 20, 2017

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

When I got home from vacation, I quick-had-to-make-some-granola because we were having overnight houseguests. As I was assembling the ingredients, I noticed I was getting a little low on honey (local wildflower honey…mmmmm) and made a mental note to get some. But at the farmer’s market, I decided to wait a little longer until I was a little lower. I’m on a postvacation budget, after all.

The Winnie-the-Pooh song goes through my head:

It’s very, very funny,
’Cos I know I had some honey;
’Cos it had a label on,
Saying HUNNY.
A goloptious full-up pot too,
And I don’t know where it’s got to,
No, I don’t know where it’s gone—
Well, it’s funny.

Several hours upon my return from the farmer’s market, my friends arrived bearing gifts, including some local honey from their town in New Jersey (bearing honey, one might say). The next day, I went to a friend’s small birthday gathering, and she and her husband gave us some of their honey (so local that their bees may have visited my yard). Just five days after that, another friend came over to talk some business with Tim and brought some of his honey (he lives only a couple of miles away).

Now I have a goloptious full-up pot too. Thank you, kind friends.


1. Mali - October 24, 2017

That’s such a sweet post. (Sorry, couldn’t resist. I wish I could send you some NZ honey, but I know it’s very tricky to get through quarantine. ie you can’t bring in honey to NZ at all!)

Mali - October 24, 2017

Please excuse the misuse of the “(” and the “).” I pushed Post Comment just as I realised I needed to edit. Story of my life.

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