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Strike Update December 9, 2017

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When I announced my cooking strike on December 1, Mali commented, “Good luck on continuing the no-cooking strike, though personally I think the dumpling/shitake/spinach in a wok combo was skating on thin ice!” She’s right. In my regular world, I would likely still count that as cooking, even though it’s one of our easy go-tos and includes processed food.

I had thought things were going to get trickier the next day, Sunday, when we invited friends for dinner and I would at least have to sous chef, but they talked us into going out for Thai food and watching the lighted tractor parade through the window.

Monday we pulled leftover pizza out of the freezer. It had been prepared by my sister-in-law over Thanksgiving. We garnished it with leeks and previously cooked mushrooms. Tim chopped the leeks, so I was still OK.

Tuesday Tim had a music gig at a high school. I went to hear the first performance. When I got home, starving, I pulled another one of those thin-ice moves. I dumped a can of black bean soup in a pot, added some frozen spinach, then added some already-roasted-by-Tim root vegetables to it. Topped it with feta. It was incredibly delicious.

Wednesday we pulled a bacon spinach quiche out of the freezer. It was prepared by a part-time chef friend. I had picked up a couple of her quiches to have on hand over Thanksgiving, just in case we needed something quick. But there was so much other food that we didn’t.

Thursday I chopped something. Cabbage. And ginger. And I cooked rice. So even though I also used up the rest of the previously cooked mushrooms and thawed some already-tamari-baked tofu, this breaks through that thin ice a bit, for sure.

Friday—last night—I heated up some frozen veg from Thanksgiving. Tim made the cod en persillade from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home. So again, I didn’t cook. But I’m taking serious advantage of my husband.

It is unclear what we’ll scarf down tonight before a house concert we’re attending, or where. Tomorrow night is my staff’s holiday dinner at a restaurant. And word on the street is that I may be spending more time in Portland before Christmas. My (gluttonous?) food sloth is getting fed.

Which, in a way, is good, because in the rest of my life, I feel there’s barely space enough to breathe.



1. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - December 10, 2017

You may not be doing a whole lot of cooking, but you’re certainly eating enviably.

2. Mali - December 16, 2017

Yes, what Lali said. And take advantage of your husband. That’s what he’s there for.

Mali - December 16, 2017

P.S.. lighted tractor parade. I want to see that!

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