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Glitter Rant December 16, 2017

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

This is a postponed rant. I was going to let it go. But someone else’s rant got me going again.

Sunday night was my small office holiday party. There were eight of us. We went out to dinner and ate in a private dining room. Excellent food and drink, plus Secret Santa gifts. I had gifted the new executive director with a gavel and block. I received a wonderful cotton wrap (I’d call it a pashmina, as people seem to be doing that generically lately, but it’s not goat’s wool) purchased in and hand-carried back from Japan. I hadn’t counted on the restaurant being so cold and had worn short sleeves—a terrible mistake—so it turned out not only to be a fantastic gift but one that I could use immediately!

The ribbon to the box was, apparently, covered in glitter.

When I got home, I discovered that there was glitter all over my dress, some of which had already migrated to my duvet cover. (In fact, I noticed glitter on the bed first and thought, How did that get there? before I saw it on the dress.) I ran a lint roller over the dress, but it barely made a dent in removal. I was exhausted, so I threw the dress over the banister to deal with later.

Monday morning I saw the dress and thought about how much I hate glitter.

Except, it turns out, in nail polish. I had a pedicure scheduled, and I almost always go for the shimmery stuff. So I guess I don’t hate contained glitter.

But I hate glitter on bows and cards and anywhere that it can get somewhere else easily. (Like I need one more thing to be grumpy about re: holidays.)

I feel free-range glitter (or that with decent chance of escape) should be illegal. The way chewing gum is in Singapore.

Yesterday I ran the roller over the dress twice. There’s still glitter on it.

Meanwhile, my friend Joyce posted, “Neil just announced a ban on holiday cards with glitter.” Neil is her husband. I’ve met him once or twice. We both love bourbon, so we connect. Now it turns out we both hate glitter. I really like Neil.

People have opinions about glitter, and discussion ensued beneath Joyce’s post. Eventually Joyce wrote, “Quote from Aaron [her son] when he was in high school: Glitter is the herpes of the craft world. Once you get it, you can never get rid of it.”

I haven’t met Aaron, but I already like him too.



1. Mali - December 17, 2017

Oh, I like Aaron too. There was a fad a few years ago of people making their own cards, and dropping glitter into the inside card or in the envelope. So when the unexpecting recipient opens it, glitter goes everywhere. No, that’s not magical. It’s infuriating!

Sorry, I think I could join your rant, especially as I’m restraining myself from ranting about something else, but I’d better stop now.

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