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Even More 153s December 21, 2017

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Truth be told, I’ve seen a lot of 153s that I haven’t bothered to note. Because they are everywhere. But here are some.

  • In August, when planning my Maine vacation itinerary, the fastest route between Portland and Port Clyde was reported to be 1:53.
  • On August 21, I stopped working at 1:53 to join friends to view the eclipse.
  • On August 25, I discovered that the battery in the clock in my workout room had died. I replaced it at 1:53 and set clock to same.
  • On September 15, I tried to balance my checkbook, but found I was $153.39 off on my first attempt.
  • On September 22, at 2:03, I looked up the weather report and saw this: W—P—, VT 10 Day Weather as of 1:53 pm EDT.

Then I ignored a bunch, but

  • On October 22, the icon on my phone screen for emails noted a count 153 (I never check email on my phone).

Again, I ignored 153s around me. But

  • On November 11, in the parking lot at the doctor’s office, I looked up and had parked behind a 153 license plate (see photo, below). The very next day Tim and I were grocery shopping and I saw another one!

More ignoring.

  • On December 19, when we set up the GPS to stop at the Maine Mall before we headed into Portland proper, it told us we would arrive at our destination at 1:53. And
  • Yesterday I was informed in an email that “Children’s Disaster Services sent 153 dedicated volunteers to 13 locations affected by disaster or trauma and cared for more than 2,328 children.”

Which prompted this riveting update.


1. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - December 21, 2017

Wow, I didn’t know you were doing this. I’m looking forward to reading your interpretation of it (you do have an interpretation, right?).

indigobunting - December 21, 2017

Perhaps I should have an interpretation.

2. Mali - December 21, 2017

I do actually enjoy these posts, so don’t denigrate them!

This is amazing. I’m pretty sure I have no number at all that features this prominently in my life!

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