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6BY5: Quarterly Report and Summation January 1, 2018

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I know that since October 18, you’ve been obsessing about what the last three species were that I listed on my Monhegan trip, the ones I didn’t see until October 1 and therefore had to wait til the fourth quarter to report. Well, wait no longer: yellow-crowned night heron, orange-crowned warbler, and white-winged scoter.

The yellow-crowned night heron was its own adventure, as several of us went off to a pond where it had been sighted by many others. We saw a bird very far away, so far away that not even looks through scopes were definitive. Luckily, one photographer took a shot with his 600mm lens, and when we blew that image up, we were able to make a positive ID. (I just looked up 600mm lenses online. I knew they cost thousands, but I didn’t realize how many.)

But wait! I listed three more species after Monhegan. Yes, only three: ring-necked pheasant, ruffed grouse, and snowy owl.

Tim and I went looking for the reported snowy on Christmas Eve, about an hour’s drive north of us. It was risky, looking for an individual bird. It could be a bit of driving for not a lot of payoff. Luckily, we saw a bald eagle and horned larks and snow buntings and a rough-legged hawk, so if we hadn’t seen the snowy, we still would have been happy to see these birds. But after a first stop, we got back in the car, drove a little farther, and over the next hill found the snowy! Not only did we get a great look, but it meant that I had gotten a snowy for the fourth consecutive list year, and that makes me happy.

So, fourth-quarter additions: yellow-crowned night heron, orange-crowned warbler, white-winged scoter, ring-necked pheasant, ruffed grouse, snowy owl.

And full 2017 list: downy woodpecker, common raven, black-capped chickadee, American goldfinch, white-breasted nuthatch, American crow, mallard, tufted titmouse, American tree sparrow, dark-eyed junco, European starling, house sparrow, mourning dove, blue jay, red-bellied woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, rock dove, red-tailed hawk, eastern bluebird, purple finch, wild turkey, bald eagle, northern cardinal, Canada goose, barred owl, rough-legged hawk, snow bunting, American robin, bufflehead, horned grebe, common merganser, herring gull, northern harrier, horned lark, brown creeper, pileated woodpecker, American kestrel, red-winged blackbird, killdeer, wood duck, turkey vulture, common grackle, eastern meadowlark, northern mockingbird, mute swan, song sparrow, northern pintail, green-winged teal, American black duck, great blue heron, eastern phoebe, American woodcock, Wilson’s snipe, Carolina wren, belted kingfisher, brown-headed cowbird, osprey, yellow-rumped warbler, pine warbler, tree swallow, chipping sparrow, northern flicker, great egret, Cooper’s hawk, black vulture, yellow warbler, northern rough-winged swallow, eastern towhee, blue-gray gnatcatcher, snowy egret, fish crow, surf scoter, long-tailed duck, common eider, common loon, great black-backed gull, double-crested cormorant, house finch, broad-winged hawk, rose-breasted grosbeak, chimney swift, warbling vireo, barn swallow, brown thrasher, gray catbird, black-and-white warbler, indigo bunting (May 6!), yellow-bellied sapsucker, house wren, common yellowthroat, Baltimore oriole, bobolink, white-crowned sparrow, chestnut-sided warbler, American redstart, blue-winged warbler, ovenbird, northern parula, veery, ruby-throated hummingbird, eastern wood-pewee, American bittern, eastern kingbird, ring-billed gull, spotted sandpiper, red-eyed vireo, cedar waxwing, hermit thrush, green heron, glossy ibis, willet, Nelson’s (sharp-tailed) sparrow, great-crested flycatcher, wood thrush, scarlet tanager, common tern, black-throated green warbler, gray jay, red-breasted nuthatch, palm warbler, greater yellowlegs, lesser yellowlegs, northern gannet, black guillemot, laughing gull, peregrine falcon, great cormorant, sharp-shinned hawk, merlin, blue-headed vireo, golden-crowned kinglet, ruby-crowned kinglet, American pipit, clay-colored sparrow, white-throated sparrow, Cape May warbler, blackpoll warbler, dickcissel, Savannah sparrow, Lincoln’s sparrow, rusty blackbird, yellow-crowned night heron, orange-crowned warbler, white-winged scoter, ring-necked pheasant, ruffed grouse, snowy owl. (147 species. 2016: 118. 2015: 125. 2014: 118. 2013: 173. 2012: 115.)


1. Mali - January 1, 2018

There’s something evocative about the name “yellow-crowned night heron.” I envisage sultry nights and intrigue and romance and hot sex.

The only bird on this list I really want to see though is the elusive Indigo Bunting. The one without feathers.

indigobunting - January 1, 2018

We have GOT to figure this out. Maybe the new 365 project will lead to a trip/retreat!

Mali - January 7, 2018

Unless we meet somewhere exotic (Italy? NZ?), we might have to wait till there’s a political change in the US. Or until my principles give way. Whichever comes first.

2. indigobunting - January 7, 2018

Mali, imagine how difficult this is for us. Or don’t. It’s too painful.

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