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24: An Explanation March 28, 2018

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Today is the eighty-seventh day of the year, and I have spent twenty-four nights away from home.

I know that it is the eighty-seventh day of the year because (along with several of you) I’ve been doing another 365 project, writing allegedly daily this year. But because of all those nights away (and really, because of all the days), I have only written eighty-two things, and it’s a miracle that I’m not more behind than that.

I know that I have spent twenty-four nights away from home because I have spent twelve of those nights in my old hometown dealing with ailing/aging parents. I have spent five of those nights en route to and from that hometown. I have spent five nights in Portland with Tim on business. And I just spent two nights with a friend to go see a concert in the city—an actual treat to myself after all the working trips.

I am so far behind.

But there, for those of you not reading me elsewhere, is an explanation.

Stay tuned for the quarterly bird list.


1. Mali - April 1, 2018

I am glad that, in between all the difficult nights in your old hometown and getting there, you have had some fun. (I’m a bit jealous of that concert!) Taking care of yourself right now is really important.

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